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Where to trade online? Everything you need to know

Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire deposit. Trading CFDs may not be suitable for you. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.
Most Banks
Trading instruments CFD Service Popular Shares , Forex, Commodities, Indices, ETFs
View all instruments
Usually local shares and American shares
Worldwide shares Available Limited
Demo account Free unlimited demo account Demo not available
Min. account funding £100 Usually a few thousands EUR
Buy commission 0% 0.1%-0.5%
Sell commission 0% 0.1%-0.5%
Go short Available Short not available
Custody holding charges No Probably
Live quotes Free Usually delayed – pay for real time
Trade with leverage Forex up to x200
Shares up to x10
Commodities up to x150
Not available
Risk level High Low-medium
Dividends Yes Yes
Taxes No taxes deducted All kinds of taxes deducted
Spread Usually 0.2% for shares Market spread
Trading platform Windows, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mobile Usually only web
Advice Never give advice Offer advice
Technical analysis tools Free Sometimes
Day trading Recommended Not recommended
Long term investments Not suitable – high premium Suitable
Welcome Bonus £20* Not available
First deposit bonus Up to 30%** Not available
Authorised & Regulated by Financial Conduct Authority Financial Conduct Authority
Open Real Account Open Demo Account

* Validate phone to qualify for bonus, and specified minimum volume of trading prior to being able to withdraw it. T&Cs apply.
** Deposit from £100 to £40,000 and receive bonuses from £20 to £6,000, after specified minimum volume of trading, T&Cs apply

More and more people are embracing forex trade as a way of generating money and investing their money. The question many potential forex traders are asking is whether one can undertake forex trading for a living. Even though forex trading is regarded as high risk, one can easily make a steady and reliable income. Some of the tips you can use to become successful in trading forex for a living are discussed herein.Have A Definite Goal and Find A Trading Method That Is Compatible With Your Goals

Before you begin trading forex for a living, it is important to have an idea of what you want to achieve and set out a forex trading strategy to achieve this. Once you find a trading strategy that works for you, it is important to stick to it as trying different trading styles can result in losses.

A good trader is one who does not fear losses. It is however important to ensure your trading style is one which at least 75% successful is. Because forex trading is an art, the only way to become proficient is by being very disciplined and consistent.

Select a Broker Whom You Are Comfortable With and Offer a Trading Platform Which Matches Your Style of Trade

Take time and research on different brokers and settle on one who you feel is most suitable. It is advisable to go for a good broker with a good trading platform. The broker must also be one who is helpful, offers a demo account and is reputable

Keep A Journal to Record Everything You Do While Trading

A journal of trading events is the best learning tool a trader can have. Make sure to record every trade you make and decisions you make before the trade including emotions.

When you are not trading, take time to review your journal and find out what decisions you made and emotions that engulfed you while making certain trades. If certain decisions and emotions consistently facilitated profitable trades, it is important to nature them while doing away with consistent decisions and emotions that led to trades that resulted in loses.

Learn To Do Analysis and Learn From Veteran Traders

To successfully undertake forex trading for a living, it is important that you know how to analyze market trends and charts. This will enable you correctly identify profitable signals.

Additionally, you can learn from veteran traders on some of the strategies they use to make profitable trades. Because veterans have years of experience in online forex trading, they have developed good and effective strategies.

Brief Overview Of The Plus500 Brokerage Firm

Plus500 Ltd has its headquarters in London, UK and operates much of its CFD business via its various subsidiaries, all of which are approved and regulated by the respective relevant authorities. These regulations from the financial authorities make it completely safe for forex traders to deposit capital and trade with the company. While many clients can attest to its credibility, some well-meaning traders are cautious about investing with the company because of a little negative publicity here and there. Thus, this brief plus500 review has strove to present the facts and views from both sides of the spectrum.


As an online brokerage firm, Plus500 offers long-term, swing and day traders with a platform to conduct business on a number of instruments. The main offering of the company is the ability to trade Forex or foreign-exchange pairs. Both minor and major pairs are available, as well as indices, commodities and stocks. Forex trading brokers trade indices on points, while the Forex pairs are traded on per-pip-basis. There are two options for opening accounts, which are the demo account and live account. The demo account is free for anyone and has no limit, while the demo account requires you to deposit a minimum of $100. Clients of either account receive a $20 bonus upon signing up. The Plus500 platform offers free forex trading for users in a comprehensive yet straightforward way to trade in numerous markets accessible from one screen, and provides live quotes for all the products. The platform software is available in three versions, a downloadable one for your desktop or laptop, a web-based version that you can access from anywhere, and a mobile application to keep track of your trading while on the go.


Plus500 notably provides leveraged trading opportunities, meaning you can trade on an amount greater than your own account balance. They offer leverage up to 35:1 on indices and 50:1 on Forex pairs, but this ratio varies for other instruments. You simply set the leverage you want to avail when you open your account. Depending on your specific needs, you can set it high, low or none. Keep in mind that leveraged trading has a relatively high risk factor, and may not be suitable for some traders. The amount you choose to leverage will vary depending on what constitutes acceptable risk in your specific situation. The main benefit of leveraged trading is that you are able to trade higher instrument volumes than you can afford to buy, to maximize your profits. With suitable forex trading strategies, it is thus possible to gain beyond your initial expenditure. On the other hand, if the market is not on your side, you can lose more than your opening trade, including your entire account balance.

Support tools

Plus500 has put in place a number support structures and tools to assist forex trading brokers to do business and enjoy a great user experience. Some of these tools include RSI, moving averages and Bollinger Bands among others. They help a plus500 webtrader calculate acceptable risk exposure and identify trading opportunities. The plus500 platform allows you easily add these indicators easily to your account.

Things You Need To Know About Investment in the Stock Market

When it comes to discussing why you need to invest in the stock market, there are a few crucial aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Despite all the risks, a number of investors are highly committed to utilizing this investment opportunity. They consider it an easy way to make huge amount of money. For beginners, they must search relevant sources regarding this subject, in order to understand it well before taking any action. This is where articles, online information, newsletters, and seminars come in handy. In this article, you will be able to know about important reasons why you need to invest in the stock market.

The best thing about investing in the stock market is that it gives you an additional income aside from your regular salary. As you participate in the investment market, you receive consistent cash flow in your bank account, thereby allowing you to fulfill your financial obligations. This is definitely an excellent way to enhance your wealth and security. Contrary to what banks offer, this investment opportunity provides you with higher interest return. Thanks to its compound interest option, you can manage to increase your initial investment, thereby providing you with long-term fiscal benefits. It can help you to grow over the years until it finally matures.

One of the great features of investing in the stock market is the fact that your earnings from the interest, dividends, and capital gains are tax free unless you want to withdraw and take possession. As no money is deducted for taxes, it makes your investment to grow markedly. With that being said, by investing in the stock market, you become eligible to find a place in the list of the richest investors.

As you look to buy and sell in the stock market, you can accumulate millions in the long run. Investing or saving your money in banks gives you lesser interest return. In-fact, banks spend the money for their own benefit while paying the account holder a small percentage of the profit they have acquired. However, in the stock market, you get what you deserve. All in all, the major advantage of investing in the stock market is the fact that you can create wealth and gain financial freedom. This is an excellent option to plan your future and prepare for your objectives. Thus, if you are thinking about investing in this market, consider the above-mentioned reasons to understand your specific goals.

Good Forex Trading Strategies

Good trading strategies are essential ingredients in ensuring the success of any business organization. In forex trading business, competition is stiff therefore for a business to maintain relevance in the trade; good strategies must be carefully planned and adopted. Knowing how to apply the strategies at the right time can greatly help maximize organizations profits taking into consideration the market factors.

When selecting some of the strategies, the trader has to be more conscious as some strategies perform better in some situations while others don’t deliver the expected results.

The London Hammer Trade is one of the best strategies especially in situations when the trading prices are moving towards one direction and strongly reversing from the support area.

The Pop and Stop trade is best applied when the price bounds away towards the upside just to suffer the loss when there is quick reversal. It is important that the whether or not the price will move in the breakout direction and also determines how to profit from such situations.

The Trading the Forex Fractal is a concept of market fundamentals that a trader needs to know in order to get the role of price, in terms of the person making the move and why the move is being made.

The Blade Runner Reversal is a trading strategy that follows trend. This strategy picks happenings from given situations when there is a reversal in the in the trend and trading prices begin on the EMA’ s other side.

The Forex Overlapping Fibonacci Trade strategy is one of the favourites for traders. If employed on its own, the strategy can lead to a lower yield in comparison to other strategies. If used together with some compatible strategies, it can be of great accuracy.

The Dual Stochastic Forex Trade; employs the use of two stochastics namely the; slow and fast one. Thes are used together in order to pick an area/s where the pricing is trending but at the same time overextended in a short retracement period and backwards into trend continuation.

The Bolly Band Bounce trade strategy is perfectly applied in a ranging market. It can be used in combination given confirming signals to a greater effect.

The Daily Fibonacci Pivot Trades make use of the Fibonacci extensions and retracements on daily, weekly or yearly pivots. The basic idea can be extended to longer time periods by incorporating any pivot combinations.

The Blade Runner Trade strategy is exceptionally well performing and suitable across the many time frames and currency pairing. The strategy is employed to help pick breakouts from continuations and trade resets.

Trading for commodities from home can be a good experience.

Have you ever wanted to dabble in the stock market but were afraid of the risk? Perhaps you think it’s too complicated and risky? Well, if you ever wanted to know how to trade commodities from home, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you maneuver through the world of commodities trading.

Like with anything else, trading commodities can be simple, but there still is some caution that needs to be addressed. You are dealing with money and you will not always come out on the winning side. So be prepared for good days as well as bad ones.

According to, most brokers do have away that you can trade online. One suggestion is to look for a broker that specializes in online trading and commodities. Brokers like Daniels Trading have have how-to videos to get you started and have level of membership for trading. In addition, they provide software that has informational graphs, quotes and just about everything you need to dabble.

But remember, it’s not done for free so whatever broker you choose will want a commission, so be sure to find one that’s capable and will work for a lower commission.

Another thing is that before you even start, there will be paperwork to fill out. Like with any online venture, you will need an account so be ready to fill out the paperwork. The broker wants to know about your finances and be warned, depending on your financial situation, you may not be accepted. Remember that commodities are traded at high rates and you could lose what you invested and then some.

Before you start trading, you will have to fund the account and the amount you decide to use for trading is up to you. You might want to conduct some simulated trading before you actually commit your real money. That way you can get used to how things are done during a trading session. OH. And have a trading plan that you can follow as well.

Finally! Don’t overdue it. Making too many trades is not good. Try to pick your trades as carefully as possible so you have the best chance of benefiting from the outcome. Don’t get too anxious and end up on the losing end of the trade biz.


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